Friday, September 12, 2008

This is an awesome picture..That man is definitely a Graef,, the chin, eyes, ears all match the family profileSo he has to be Jacob Graef and the woman must be Emma Skrable (his first wife)The baby is Gertrude Graef .. then the girl center back might be Clara Graef born Nov 8, 1889..Emma and Jacob have two other daughters Margaret and Pauline and two sons.. Alfred and Albert (boy in picture)Clara went with her father Jacob (when he separated from Emma) to Oklahoma around 1910Clara was probably the oldest of the Graef girls and 21 when she went to Oklahoma with her father Jacob..Clara marries Peter.. ( Jacobs brother) they have two boys Edward Graef (born 1910) and my father Fred (born 1911) were both born in OklahomaJacob marries a Lillie C Burns in 1910 they have a son George Frederick born Sep 23 1911Jacob Graef returns to Iowa with new wife Lilie and has another son Nicholas Syvester born Dec 6 1913 in Iowa CityLillie separates from Jacob and and returns with boys (George and Nick) to Oklahoma about 1914Jacob Graef's life story is a complicated one and the details of his later life is still a mystery.. but he might have remarried again in Polk County, Iowa to a lady named Minnieif anyone has more information about Jacob Graef's life .. pictures or final resting place.. please send to usThanks to Lia Burris whose greatgrand mother is Gertrude Graef for this very helpful photo...Thanks to Pat Graef and Brenda Ridgeway for information about Jacob while he was in Oklahoma

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